Music Research Newsletter 40

Music Research News Letter -40



I] Featured Exhibit – ‘Music of Haridasas’

We have a new feature in our website – ‘Featured Exhibit’. We start with the exhibit of ‘Music of Haridasa-s’.

The Haridāsa movement emerged in South India in the 15th Century AD, with the main objective of propagating ‘Bhakti’ through devotional songs. However, the musical compositions of Haridāsa-s also brought about some seminal changes in South Indian music. The ‘Suḷadi Tāla-s’ employed in these compositions became very popular and were extensively used by other composers as well for the next few centuries.

Exhibit: ‘Music of Haridasas’

II] Profiles from

We would like to showcase selected profiles from academia that contain  research papers:

  1. Richard Widdess, Department of Music, SOAS, University of London.

His Specialisms
 are: Musicology of South Asia, including history, theory, analysis and social context of music in North India and Nepal; music and religion in South Asia; analysis of world music; music cognition, performance and meaning in oral traditions.

The papers and other publications of Prof. Widdess can be viewed at

  1. Saskia Kersenboom, Theatre Studies, University of Amsterdam. Her academic interests concern the performing arts and their global, Intercultural Translation. Her background in Linguistics, Theatre Studies and Cultural Anthropology includes longstanding training and performance practice in dance and music. The work of Dr. Kersenboom can be viewed at

III] Dissertations defended

On November 17th 2016, Ajay Srinivasamurthy and Sankalp Gulati defend their PhD thesis, both carried out in the context of the CompMusic project. CompMusic is a research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC grant agreement 267583) and coordinated by Xavier Serra from the Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (Spain). It aims to advance in the automatic description of music by emphasizing cultural specificity, carrying research within the field of music information processing with a domain knowledge approach. The project focuses on five music traditions of the world: Hindustani (North India), Carnatic (South India), Turkish-makam (Turkey), Arab-Andalusian (Maghreb), and Beijing Opera (China).

Below are the details of the dissertations:

Ajay Srinivasamurthy: “A Data-driver Bayesian Approach to Automatic Rhythm Analysis of Indian Art Music”.

Thesis Committee: Simon Dixon (QMUL), Geoffroy Peeters (IRCAM) and Juan Pablo Bello (NYU)

The Thesis document, Abstract and Thesis presentation slides can be viewd at the companion page:

Sankalp Gulati: “Computational Approaches for Melodic Description in Indian Art Music Corpora”

Thesis Committee: Juan Pablo Bello (NYU), Emilia Gómez (UPF) and Barış Bozkurt (Koç Univ.)

The Thesis document, Abstract and Thesis presentation slides can be viewd at the companion page: the companion page:

IV] Updates to the website (MRL)

Following are new additions in MRL in October 2016 – January 2017

A] Articles:



B] Index:


C] Books:

Books in Tamiz:




Books in Telugu:





D] Information about Periodicals (Journals and Magazines) in

The Tables of Content for the following periodicals for issues pertaining to Oct 2016 – Jan 2017 have been added in the website:

V] National Seminar to commemorate the 1000th year of Acharya Abhinavagupta

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi (IGNCA), Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai and Bharat-Illango Foundation for Asian Culture, Chennai (BIFAC) jointly organized a National Seminar to commemorate the 1000th year of Acharya Abhinavagupta on the 24th and 25th of January, 2017. On the second day, the 25th of January, 2017, there were paper presentations on Natya by Dr. Padma Sugavanam, Dr. G. Sankaranarayanan, Dr. Jayashree Rajagopalan and Dr. N. Ramanathan. Following are the youtube links for the Natya sessions:

VI] International Consortium on Cognition and Culture

IGNCA Bengaluru and National Institute for Advanced Studies are jointly launching a first-of -its-kind academic consortium on culture and cognition. The consortium will serve an academic apparatus to foster interdisciplinary scholarship at the intersection of culture and cognition and serve as an inter-institutional platform for capacity building, advocacy and policy-making.…

The consortium invites applications for ‘Kalaatmika Research Initiative – NIAS-IGNCA Short-term Internship Programme’ with the vision of recruiting the brightest of young scholars to gain research experience with faculty associated with the consortium.

Applications are invited from the brightest minds of India!…/1FgO3qTvRH0NpefxxOlVK8NOD5O0…/edit

VII] Joint Conference on Feb 25th and 26th, 2017:

Sri Shanmukhananda Bharatiya Sangeetha Vidyalaya is holding a joint conference along with South Indian Education Society’s college of Arts, Science & Commerce, on “Indian Music : Cultural & Philosophical Perspective” on Feb 25 & 26, 2017 at the Department of Philosophy, University of Mumbai, Kalina.

We had circulated an announcement about this seminar earlier. Please note that the venue has changed to Somaiya Engineering Auditorium, Vidya Vihar, Mumbai 400077

For more information, please write to the organizers of the conference at the following email address: 
Any queries sent to will not be entertained.

VIII] Financial Assistance for Publishing Books:

  • The English and Foreign Languages University, Lucknow Campus offers financial assistance to authors. Further details about this can be seen at:
  • The Central Institute of Indian Languages offers financial assistance for book publication. Further details about this can be viewed at:

IX] Book Announcements:

  1. i) ‘Saṅgītaratnākara of Śārgadēva – A Study’ by R.Rangaramanuja Ayyangar, 2nd Ed., 2016, 558 pages, Hardcover

The second (revised) edition of Sri R. Rangaramanuja Ayyangar’s critical, analytical study of the classic has now been published by Vipanci Charitable Trust, Mumbai. Sri Ayyangar had written that the primary objective of his study of Sagītaratnākara was ‘to trace the development of Carnatic Music through various stages and locate the landmarks clearly’ and was ‘ not a translation, but a critical survey of the formidable array of musical data in the classic to assess their contribution to the development of Carnatic Music.’

The new edition, incorporates diacritical markings and includes several new facets based on contemporary studies. This book carries fresh, creative interpretations of the concepts of Tāla Prastāra; Naṣṭa and Uddiṣṭa methods; and Mēru charts.

Details of the book are available on the website . The various concepts of Tāla Prastāra etc., along with working examples, may be seen through this link: /ver3/sr_concepts.php.

  1. ii) 1950 varai tamizil veḷivanduḷḷa icai nūlgaḷ – by Dr. G. Leelavathy.

This book is in Tamiz . The English translation of the title is: ‘Music publications in Tamiz till 1950.’. Below are the details of the book:

Publisher: Sri Jnanananda Krpa, Chennai

Price: Rs. 500/-

Available with: Karnatic Music Book Centre, Chennai

iii) The Nayikas of Annamacharya: an interpretation for dance by Dr. Anupama Kylash.

Annamacharya or Annamayya is among the first hymnographers in Telugu. He is said to have composed over 32,000 songs out of which only 12,000 are available today. Though his songs have been adapted for dance, they are not yet as popularly chosen for Abhinaya, as those of some later Pada composers.

This book is an extract from the doctoral thesis of Dr. Anupama Kylash. The book contains four chapters which deal with the heroine or Nayika prototypes in the songs of Annamacharya and their adaptability to dance interpretation. In the process, the author has tried to look at the vast wealth of classifications provided in our ancient treatises on Alankara Shastra or Poetics, and have used these classifications as a backdrop or setting for the songs of Annamacharya enumerated upon here.

Below are the details of the book:

Price: Rs. 750/-

Copies can be had from:

Dr. Anupama Kylash

G-1, Phase-1, Metro Palmgrove Apartments,

Somajiguda, Hyderabad – 82

Mobile: +91 98482 37538


X] Launch of the App Shaale Abhyas:

Shaale Abhyas is an app which is a a practice tool for Carnatic music. It provides is a growing library of Carnatic (South Indian) music solos that music enthusiasts can enjoy listening to, percussionists / accompanists can practice along with. The following video gives more details about this app:

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Shaale team on +91-9886887106 or writing to or

XI] Launch of the website

This website is a platform for sharing and learning Karnatic Music. It has many notations, audio and video links, information about raga-s and tāla-s and articles. Users have a facility to share the Internet links their favorite audio/video links for kriti, raga, and tala renditions.

The following link gives 2-minute video tours for this website:

For more information, please write to e-mail: or contact Srikar at +91-9916135143

X] Obituary: Dr. S.A.K. Durga (1940-2016)

Demise of musician-scholar Dr. SAK Durga, in November 2016 has been a great loss to the academic world of music.

After learning Karnataka music from eminent musicians and also pursuing degree courses in music, Dr. Durga joined the position of Lecturer at the Department of Indian Music, University of Madras. After a few years she left for USA to pursue advanced studies. On return she set up her own Centre for Ethnomusicology in Chennai. She was quite active doing research and guidance and enthusiastically collaborated with many individuals and music institutions.

For more details about her please access –

Arati Rao, Vidya Jayaraman and N. Ramanathan


Music Research Newsletter 39

Music Research News Letter -39 



The following information pertains to research websites:

I] Shodhganga: is the digital repository of Indian Electronic Theses and Dissertations set-up by the INFLIBNET Centre (Information and Library Network Centre) of the University Grants Commission (UGC), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Shodhganga replicates the academic structure of each University in terms of Departments/ Centres/ Colleges. This structure facilitates research scholars from universities to deposit their theses in the respective Department / Centre / College of the website.

The following are examples of theses pertaining to music available in this website:

  1. An analysis of the appropriateness of grouping Tyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshitar and Syama sastri as the trinity of karnatic music by Nirmita Narasimhan:
  2. A Comparative analysis of Music Education with its Implication for Improved Music Education in India by Vasantha L:
  3. An Indepth Study of Sankarabharana and Its Janya Ragas by Venkata Padma Chitti :

II] is a platform for academics to share research papers. The company’s mission is to accelerate the world’s research. Academics use to share their research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research, and track the research of academics they follow. 42,323,028 academics have signed up to, adding 15,349,174 papers and 1,928,330 research interests. attracts over 36 million unique visitors a month.

Research scholars may upload their papers on this website to share their research with scholars around the world for free.

III] Dissertations and Dissertation Lists in

Dissertations and lists of dissertations pertaining to music from various Indian universities have been uploaded on website. The links for downloading these are:

  • Dissertations:
  • Dissertation Lists:

Scholars interested in sharing their Ph.D., M.Phil. Dissertations or Dissertation Lists of their institutions through the website are welcome to send the soft copies of the same or link of their website to  

Updates to the website

The scanned files of notebooks containing notes prepared by Dr. Mrs. Leelavathy G. have been uploaded to the website These notes pertain to books on music in Tamiz at various libraries in Tamilnadu, made during scholar’s fieldwork as part of her research on the subject “Books on Music, in Tamiz, published till 1950).

These notebooks relate to the books at the following libraries:

  1. Tamil Nadu State Archives, Chennai.
  2. Maraimalai Adigal Library, Queen Mary’s College
  3. Sampradaya
  4. The Library at the University of Madras
  5. The Government Oriental Manuscripts Library.
  6. Roja Muthaih Research Library.
  7. Library of Sarasvati Mahal
  8. Library of Tamiz University.
  9. The personal library of scholar TN Ramachandran.
  10. The personal library of scholar TN Ramachandran.
  11. The libraries in Tiruchi, Madurai and Kovai.

Updates to the website (MRL) :

Following are new additions in MRL in August 2016 – October 2016:

A] Articles:

  1. AE-SathyanarayanaR-Art-Experience-IGNCA-0285
  2. AE-SathyanarayanaR-Kathakirtana-1983-0279
  3. AE-SharadaGopalam-A-Look-At-Ragalakshana-Madhura-Kala-0289
  4. AE-IsaacL-Musical-compositions-Source-Study-Music-Musicians-JMU-0286
  5. AE-NarayanaswamiPP-Subbarama-Dikshitar-Sangita-sampradaya-pradarsini-0288
  6. ATm-AnanthasubramaniamTG-SrI-nArAyaNa-tIrthar-TTDmagazine-0015
  7. ATm-AnanthasubramanianTG-icaiyil-iRaivaDivam-TTD-magazine-0018
  8. ATm-AnanthasubramanianTG-tyAgarAjarum-girirAjarum-TTD-magazine-0019
  9. ATm-kuRaLum-icaiyum-1997-0016
  10. ATm-VeerapandianSA-tamizicaiyil-surat-tIrmAnippu-paNNArAycci-arikkai-0017

The following articles are linked via the website

  1. AE-BhashyamS-Kallidaikurichi-A-Anantaraman-A-Ttribute-0317
  2. AE-BhashyamS-Kallidaikurichi-Anantakrishna-Iyer-A-Tribute-0316
  3. AE-HariArthanari-TViswanathan-A-Tribute-0315
  4. AE-Ravi-Sridhar-Tiruppamburam-NatarajaSundaram-Pillai-0312
  5. AE-Ravi-Sridhar-Tiruppamburam-Swaminatha-Pillai-0313
  6. AE-RaviRajagopalan-A-Tribute-to-a-Munificent-benefactor-0294
  7. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Andhali-0309
  8. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Bhaskara-Sethupathi-The-raja-of-Ramanathapuram-0301
  9. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Ghanta-A-raga-from-an-other-era-Oct-2016-0290
  10. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Hindolavasantam-The-sprightly-blossom-from-the-Royal-Gardens-of-Tanjore-0295
  11. AE-RaviRajagopalan-K.V.Ramachandran-Part-I-0306
  12. AE-RaviRajagopalan-K.V.Ramachandran-Part-II-0307
  13. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Madhavamanohari-0308
  14. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Narayanagaula-A-hoary-raga-from-a-distant-past-0291
  15. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Pallavi-Gopala-Iyer-0304
  16. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Pallavi-Gopala-Iyer-Part-II-0305
  17. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Ragachudamani-A-Crest-Jewel-Amongst-Ragas-0293
  18. AE-RaviRajagopalan-sAmajagamana-An-ode-to-a-banished-Tanjavur-King-0292
  19. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Tana-Varna-Margadarshi-Adiyappaiah-0296
  20. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Tarangini-The-Story-of-a-quaint-beauty-0297
  21. AE-RaviRajagopalan-The-mystery-about-Kambhoji-Part-I-0302
  22. AE-RaviRajagopalan-The-mystery-about-Kambhoji-Part-II-0303
  23. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Vamsavati-0310
  24. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Vijayavasantham-Mandari-0311
  25. AE-RaviRajagopalan-YamunaKalyani-A-journey-back-in-time-Part-I-0298
  26. AE-RaviRajagopalan-YamunaKalyani-A-journey-back-in-time-Part-II-0299
  27. AE-RaviRajagopalan-YamunaKalyani-A-journey-back-in-time-Part-III-0300
  28. AE-VidyaJayaraman-B-Rajam-Iyer-Interview—0320
  29. AE-VidyaJayaraman-Dr-V-V-Srivatsa-Interview-0319
  30. AE-VidyaJayaraman-Kallidaikkurichi-Mahadeva-Bhagavatar-Interview-0318
  31. AE-VidyaJayaraman-Kallidaikurichi-Vedanta-Bhagavatar-0314
  32. AE-VidyaJayaraman-PrasadKalyanasundaram-Ananda-Rama-Udupa-Interview-0321

B] Bibliography:

  1. Biblio-Music-Books-0006
  2. Biblio-pratyayas-chandas-sangita-Sources-0004
  3. Biblio-Rabindra-Sangita-0005
  4. Biblio-RaghavanV-Music-Dance-Drama-12nov1964-0007

C] Books:

Books in Bengali:

  1. BkBen-SaurindraMohanThakur-bhAratIya-nATya-rahasya-Drama-1878-0005
  2. BkBen-SaurindraMohanThakur-Victoria-gIti-mAlA-Pt1-1877-0006
  3. BkBen-SaurindraMohanThakur-yantra-kshEtra-dIpika-1879-0007

Books in English:

  1. BkE-DevalKB-Hindu-Musical-Scale-22-Srutis-1910-xrx-0179
  2. BkE-SambamoorthyP-Catalogue-Musical-Instruments-GovtMuseum-Madras-1931-0177
  3. BkE-SrinivasaIyerP-Articles-Carnatic-Music-1937-0178

Books in Tamiz:

  1. BkTm-KrishnamacaryaPt-sangIta-pArijAtam-Trnsltn-xrx-1951-0143
  2. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-karNATa-sangItam-Pt1-1946-0134
  3. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-karNATa-sangItam-Pt2-1946-0135
  4. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-karNATa-sangItam-Pt3-1946-0136
  5. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-karNATa-sangItam-Pt4-0137
  6. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-karNATa-sangItam-v1-No3-0138
  7. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-nUtana-tamiz-pADalgal-xrx-0139
  8. BkTm-MaralingamS-innicai-amudam-xrx-1990-0140
  9. BkTm-NarasimmaluNaiduSP-sangIta-cAttirattin-carittira-sangraham-xrx-1909-0141
  10. BkTm-RaghavachariamM-sangItAnanda-bodhini-xrx-1934-0142

We are very grateful to Dr. Mrs. G. Leelavathy for permitting us to upload the above Tamiz books onto the website

Books in Telugu:


D] Dissertations:

DissE-AnnapurnaS- Sankara Pallaki Seva prabandham of Sahaji-0011 

E] Manuscripts:

Manuscripts of Source Texts:

  1. MssSkt-bharata-sarvAtha-sAra-sangrahha-GOML-R1668-0038
  2. MssSkt-naTAnkuSa-GOML-3003-0040
  3. MssSktE-Sruti-siddhAnta-HulugurKrshNAcArya-0039
  4. MssTe-bharatArtha-candrikA-GOML-D13009-0041
  5. MssTe-bharatasArasangrahamu-GOML-D2557-0042
  6. MssTe-sakala-bharata-sAra-sangraha-GOML-R3564-0043
  7. MssTe-sangIta-nibandha-Hydbd-archive-24131-S20-1-0044

Manuscripts of Songs:

  1. MssGrTm-Music-Notebook-Unknown-Owner-0037
  2. MssTm-RSJayalakshmi-OMEN-tyagaraja-tamiz-trnscrptn-Xrx-0046
  3. MssTm-RSJayalakshmi-Pallavis-0045

F] Source Texts:

  1. TxtSkt-dattilam-Tvm-1930-0111
  2. TxtSkt-nATyaSAstra-WithAB-GOS-Vol2-1934-0114
  3. TxtSkt-nATyaSAstra-WithAB-GOS-Vol3-1954-0115
  4. TxtSkt-sangItarAja-v1-pAThyaratnakOSa-KunhanRaja-1946-0112
  5. TxtSkt-sangItaratnAkara-v1-trnsltn-KunhanRaja-1945-0113

G] Manuscript Catalog: MssCat-IGNCA-Music-Manuscript-Microfilms-0036

This is a catalog of microfilms containing the copies of manuscripts pertaining to music at the Reprography Unit of Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts – Southern Regional Centre (IGNCA-SRC), Bengaluru. These manuscripts are sourced from various manuscript libraries of India such as TMSSML, Thanjavur and GOML, Chennai.

We would like to convey our gratitude to Dr. Deepti Navaratna, Executive Director, and Mr. K. N. Valsakumar, JRO, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts – Southern Regional Centre, Bengaluru for providing us the above catalog and permitting its upload on the website

Information about Periodicals (Journals and Magazines) in

The Tables of Content for the following periodicals for issues pertaining to the year 2016 have been added in the website:

  1. Ganakala –
  2. Sangita Kalavihara –
  3. Sangita –
  4. Shanmukha –
  5. Sruti –

We wish to remind our readers that scanned images of old issues of the following periodicals can be downloaded from the website (MRL):

  1. Journal of the Tamiz Isai Sangam –
  2. Layamani Layam –
  4. Shanmukha –
  5. Dhrupad Annual –
  6. Gayana Samrajya –
  7. Gunagrahi –
  8. Indian Music Journal –
  9. Iyalicai –
  10. Journal of the National Centre for Performing Arts –
  11. Journal of the Percussive Arts Centre –
  12. Nadarcana –
  13. Paanan –
  14. Phoenix –

We would also like to remind our readers that indexes of articles of the following periodicals are available in the website   –

  1. Samskrita Ranga Journal
  2. Journal of the Indian Musicological Society
  3. Journal of the Sangeet Natak Academy
  4. Shanmukha
  5. Kalakshetra Quarterly
  6. Journal of the National Centre for Performing Arts
  7. Journal of the Indian Musicological Soceity
  8. Journal of the Music Academy of Madras

International Conference on Music and Dance 2017:

Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha (Regd. Trust), Bengaluru is organizing an International Conference on Music and Dance with the theme: : ‘Harmonic and Melodic World Music’ from 24th June 2017 to 28th June 2017. The Sabha has made a Call for Papers announcement.

The topics for the conference are:

  • Musical Forms of Carnatic Music
  • Musical Forms of Hindustani Music
  • Manodharma Forms in Indian Music
  • Western Classical Musical Forms – Vocal, Instrumental and Orchestra
  • Evolution of classical music for Indian Dance Forms
  • Influence of other genres of music on Indian Classical Music
  • Any other topic relevant to the theme of the conference

Authors are advised to submit a two-page (A4 size) extended abstract giving a short and focused title, author’s name(s), affiliations and address for communication with phone numbers/email addresses. The text of the abstract should include a brief introduction, scope, brief details, conclusions and references, if any, neatly typed in 1.5 line spacing.

Last date for the submission of abstract is 31st December 2016. For more information about the conference, please contact the Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha at the following address:

“Purandara Bhavana”, 8th Main Road HAL II stage, Bangalore 560 008

Phone : + 91(80) 25215525



Any queries to in this regard shall not be entertained.

Research Grants from the Endangered Archives programme of the British Library:

The Endangered Archives Programme of the British Library offers a number of grants every year to individual researchers world-wide to locate vulnerable archival collections, to arrange their transfer wherever possible to a suitable local archival home, and to deliver digital copies into the international research domain via the British Library. The 2017 call for applications is now open. The deadline for submitting completed application forms is the 4th November 2016. Please visit  for more information.

Book Release:‘Sunaadam’ – book on Ghatam by Smt. Sukkanya Ramagopal

“Sunaadam: The Vikku Baani of Ghatam Playing” has was released in Bangalore on 25th September 2016. It has been authored by Vidushi Sukkanya Ramgopal, one of India’s top ranking ghatam exponents and the foremost disciple of ghatam wizard Sri Vikku Vinayakram.

Sunaadam is the first ever published textbook for ghatam learning. By capturing the quintessence of a unique playing style that has been perfected by ghatam maestro Sri T H Vikku Vinayakram, this book lucidly explains playing techniques and phrases exclusively for the ghatam. In doing so, it also serves as a valuable documentation of the richness of the Vikku Baani.

The book is written in English with a view to cater to a wide community of ghatam students and players across the world. It contains introductory chapters on the ghatam syllables and playing positions explained very clearly with the help of photographs. There is also a pronunciation and symbols chart along with a chapter on how to use the book. Following this are fundamental lessons in the four major talas – Aditala, Rupaka Tala, Misra Chapu and Khanda Chapu. The book also contains some very significant exercises that ghatam players could practice for speed, fluency and easy articulation. For the benefit of all students, audio references for all the lessons in the book are available on The book has been very tastefully designed by Sri K J Sachidananda, keeping in mind the needs of the users, with adequate space for students to make their own notes.

Sunaadam is a book that will serve as a friend, guide and companion to every student keen on understanding the unique style, nuances and techniques of the Vikku baani of ghatam playing.

“. . . The lessons in this book well capture my fingering techniques and style. Anybody can understand it easily . . . . I do strongly believe that by following this book, students will be able to play with a certain amount of proficiency . . .”

  • From the Foreword by Ghatam maestro Sri T H Vikku Vinayakram


By: Sukkanya Ramgopal

Published by: Sri Vikku Vinayakram School for Ghatam

306, Divya Landmark Apartments, No 9, MSR Main road, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore – 560022

Ph: 080-23607235 / 9845524280

Price: Rs 300/- (parcel charges extra)

For queries regarding the book or to get your copy, please write to

Facebook page:


Arati Rao, Vidya Jayaraman and N. Ramanathan


Music Research Newsletter 38

Music Research News Letter -38



The following research papers have been uploaded to the website :

Authored by Hema Ramanathan & Ramanathan N

  • Etymological Definitions and Technical Definitions of Musical Terms

Authored by John Clough, Jack Douthett, N.Ramanathan and Lewis Rowell

  • Early Indian Hepatatonic Scales and Recent Diatonic Theory

Authored by Ramanathan N & Priyashri V Rao

  • Mālavikā’s Dance in Mālavikāgnimitram of Kālidāsa

Authored by Ramanathan N

  1. Karnataka and Hindustani Music
  2. Emendations to the GOS text of Nāṭyaśāstra-vol4
  3. Types of Pūrvaraṅga
  4. Interview with Vina Vidvan S Balachander
  5. Musicology in India
  6. Commentaries in the Samskrta Textual Tradition in Music
  7. Sadarāgacandrōdaya of Paṇḍarīkaviṭṭhala
  8. Music Texts: Śāstra and Śāstra-Sampradāya
  9. Lalgudi Jayaraman’s Music- Guided Listening Sessions
  10. Lakṣya and Lakṣaṇa in Music
  11. The Changing Concept of Tāla in North India
  12. Tāla-s in Hindustani Music

Dissertations and Dissertation Lists:

Scholars interested in sharing their Ph.D., M.Phil. Dissertations or Dissertation Lists of their institutions through the website are welcome to send the soft copies of the same or link of their website to

Updates to the website (MRL):

Following are the highlights of other new additions in MRL in January 2016 – July 2016:

A] Articles:

  1. AE-BhandarkarPR-Kudumiyamalai-Inscription-on-music-0257
  2. AE-DavidDennen-Metre-Prosody-Orissi-Music-2013-0258
  3. AE-DavidDennen-NayakAKJ-Shyamamani-Devi-Odissi-Singer-2012-0259
  4. AE-DavidDennen-Odisha-Music-changing-conceptions-2012-0260
  5. AE-DavidDennen-Odissi-Music-Third-Classical-Stream-2012-0261
  6. AE-GerryFarrel-Gramophone-Industry-India-1993-0262
  7. AE-MishraR-Hindustani-Raga-System-2014-0265
  8. AE-Omar-Khokher-North-Indian-Music-in-Classroom-2001-0266.
  9. AE-PadmaSugavanam-Kohala-Jagadekamalla-2010-0267
  10. AE-RameshGangolli-catur-paNDita-bhAtkhaNDE-0270
  11. AE-SamuelMcClelland-rAga-and-rasa-0271
  12. AE-SayantiChakraborty-DeD-Pattern-Classification-Ragas-2012-0272
  13. AE-StephenHughes-Music-Boom-South-India-2002-0273
  14. AE-Varadarangan-Acoustic-Properties-Mridanga-Karunya-0274
  15. AE-Varadarangan-Acoustics-Percussive-Instruments-Karunya-0275
  16. AE-Varadarangan-Frequency-Chart-Music-Karunya-0276
  17. AE-Varadarangan-References-Karunya-0264
  18. AE-Varadarangan-Studies-Loaded-Circular-Membranes-Karunya-0269

B] Bibliography:


C] Books:

Books in English:

  1. BkE-DeviPrasad-Art-Basis-Education-0164
  2. BkE-JosephJordania-Origins-Choral-Singing-Intelligence-Language-Speech-2006-0165
  3. BkE-RanganathHK-KarnatakaTheatre-1960-0168
  4. BkE-Ravi-Sridhar-compld-Sri-Muthuswamy-Dikshitar-0169
  5. BkE-VinodVidwans-Doctrine-Shruti-in-Indian-Music-2016-0171

Books in Telugu:

  1. BkTe-RamanujaDasa-tyAgarAja-kRtulu-1885-0126
  2. BkTeE-tirumala-SilAgItam-and-audio-2014-0119

D] Dissertations:

  • DissE-KatzJB-sangIta-nArAyaNa-Critical-Edition-Commentary-1987-0065

  • DissE-RafaelReina-Karnatic-Rhythmical-Structures-2014-0066

  • DissE-AnnapurnaS-Sankara-Pallaki-Seva-prabandham-Sahaji-011 

E] Manuscripts:

Manuscript related to Source Text:


We are happy to place the following Music notebooks of Vidvan (Late) Kumbhakonam Viswanathan of Umaiyalpuram Sishya-parampara of Tyagaraja.

  1. MssTmGr-KumbhakonamVisvanathan-NoteBook-1-0035a
  2. MssTmGr-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-2-0035b
  3. MssTm-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-3-0035f
  4. MssTm-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-4-0035g
  5. MssTmGr-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-5-pt1-0035c
  6. MssTmGr-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-5-pt2-0035d
  7. MssTmGr-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-6-0035e
  8. MssTm-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-7-0035h
  9. MssTm-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-8-0035i
  10. MssTm-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-9-0035j
  11. Mss-Drawing-KumbakonamVisvanathan-UmaiyalpuramSvaminathayyar-0035
  12. MssE-Kumbhakonam-Brothers-Bio-0035k

We are grateful to the members of the families of the famous ‘Kumbhakonam Brothers’, namely, Kumbhakonam Sri Sankaran and Kumbhakonam Sri Viswanathan – Sri S.Venkatraman, Smt.V. Nandhini, Miss. Srivaralaxmi Maya for making available the Music notebooks of the vidvans in their possession and also to Dr. Aravindh Ranganathan for all the help in this regard. The family has been kind enough to share the following too.

  1. Manuscript – MssTe-tAnam-gIta-Kumbhakonam-Vishwanathan-0036
  2. Book – BkTe-RamanujaDasa-tyAgarAja-kRtulu-1885-0126

We are grateful also to Vidvan B.Krishnamurti for sharing his valuable handwritten copy of the Umaiyalpuram pāham of the compositions of Tyagaraja.

  1. MssTm-BKrishnamurti-Tyagaraja-kirtanas-Umaiyalpuram-0034
  2. MssTm-BKrishnamurti-Tyagaraja-kirtanas-Umaiyalpuram-0034a
  3. MssTm-BKrishnamurti-Tyagaraja-kirtanas-Umaiyalpuram-0034b

F] Source Text:

  • TxtSkt-nATyaSastra-withAB-GOS-vol4-1964-0110

Download links:

A] Following are links to freely downloadable books:

  1. Link to a pdf file of Saṅgītaratnākara of Śārṅgadēva –
  2. Link to book on Sadashiva Brahmendra Kritis–

B] Following is a link to rare recordings from the ‘Odeon Record Label recordings from the Indian subcontinent’ Collection of the British Library:

C] Following is the link to a site which is related to Odisa music.

The articles on Odisa music have been placed in the articles section as mentioned above.

We would like to thank Mr. PS Gnanaprakash for providing us many links including that of the site related to Odisa music.

D] Other Music Sites:

i) Following is the link to the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams website with lyrics and audio recordings for Annamācārya Saṅkīrtana-s:

ii) Following is the link to a site which is primarily a collection of audio files containing raga snippets, songs, quizzes and many more, all aimed at demystifying the process of appreciating and understanding Carnatic music:

Queries on South Indian Classical Music:

Any queries on South Indian Classical Music can be sent to These would be answered by Dr. TS Sathyavathi, renowned vocalist and scholar. For more information, please write to . Any queries to will not be entertained.

Request for Proposals: Arts Practice Programme of India Foundation for the Arts:

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) is inviting proposals under its Arts Practice programme for the year 2016-2017.

The Arts Practice programme supports critical practice in the arts. It encourages practitioners working across artistic disciplines to question existing notions through their practice. The programme seeks to establish a culture where arts practice is constantly being shaped and articulated through experimentation, critique and dialogue.

This programme does not follow an annual schedule, and welcomes applications through the year. IFA specifically encourages projects in Indian languages other than English, and Proposals can be sent in any Indian language including English.

For more information, please click on the following link:

Please write to Sumana Chandrashekar at or Shubham Roy Choudhury at for any questions or enquiries. Any queries to will not be entertained.

Information about the Publication: The Archaeology of Bhakti II. Royal Bhakti, Local Bhakti

Author: edited by Emmanuel Francis & Charlotte Schmid

Publisher:Institut Français de Pondichéry / Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient


Pages:ix, 609 p.

Series:Collection Indologie n˚ 132


ISBN:978-81-8470-212-5 (IFP) / 978-2-85539-221-9 (EFEO)

Price:1300 Rs (56 €)

This volume is the fruit of the second workshop-cum-conference on the “Archaeology of Bhakti”, which took place from 31st July to 13th August 2013 in the Pondicherry Centre of the École française d’Extrême-Orient. “Royal Bhakti, Local Bhakti” was the topic of this scholarly encounter and is the central theme of the present volume, which attempts to clarify the roles of kings, local elites and devotional communities in the development of Bhakti.

For more information please click on the link


Arati Rao, Vidya Jayaraman and N. Ramanathan


Music Research Newsletter 37

Music Research News Letter -37



The following research papers have been uploaded to the website . Apart from their value as research contributions we hope that they will also serve as a model for new researchers.

Authored by Premalatha Nagarajan:

  1. Unpublished Caturdaṇḍī notations
  2. Contribution of MR Kavi to manuscript studies
  3. An inquiry into music manuscripts in GOML Chennai
  4. Tālakalābdhi of Acyutarāya
  5. Manuscripts of Saṅgitaratnākara
  6. Patterns in Tānam Passages

Authored by Arati Rao: 

Evolution of Tāla-daśa-prāṇa concept in the Vijayanagara period

Dissertations and Dissertation Lists:

Scholars interested in sharing their Ph.D., M.Phil. Dissertations or Dissertation Lists of their institutions through the website are welcome to send the soft copies of the same or link of their website to


We would like to gratefully acknowledge the help of Mr. Aravindh T. Ranganathan in making available to us the following manuscripts that have been uploaded to as mentioned in the previous newsletter MRNL-36:

  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-TOC-GOML-0031
  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-F1-GOML-0031a
  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-F2-GOML-0031b
  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-F3-GOML-0031c
  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-F4-GOML 0031d
  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-F5-GOML-0031e

Request for Proposals: Arts Research Programme of India Foundation for the Arts

Proposals are invited by India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) across the arts and humanities from researchers and practitioners who are interested in undertaking research projects that could investigate marginalised or relatively unexplored areas; who intend to create spaces for dialogue between theory and practice; who offer new readings/frameworks of artistic practices; and who use interdisciplinary approaches to break new conceptual ground, among other things.

Duration of the Project
: The project may have a minimum duration of one year and a maximum duration of one year and six months.


Draft proposals should reach IFA no later than June 11, 2016

Final proposals should reach IFA no later than July 11, 2016.

For more information, please click on the following link:

In case of queries, please write to Any queries to will not be entertained.

Download links:

Following is information about freely downloadable books and manuscripts:

A] Music Manuscript in egangotri website: Scanned music manuscripts in the egangotri website can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

B] Sanskrit Books: Some valuable Sanskrit books can be downloaded from

C] Text of Kṛṣṇagīti: The full text of Kṛṣṇagīti (a Sanskrit work based on which the Kṛṣṇāṭṭam is performed in the Guruvāyūr temple, Kerala) can be downloaded from the following link:

Research News:

I] Synthetic Mrudanga by Karunya Musicals:

Karunya Musicals, Bengaluru founded by Dr. K. Varadarangan, a Karnatic vocalist and scientist, has manufactured a Synthetic Rhythm Indian (S.R.I) Mrudanga made of synthetic drum-heads, mounted on a fiberglass shell. The synthetic drum-head completely avoids the use of animal skins and the sturdy fiberglass shell avoids the need to cut precious trees. The Mrudanga comes in two variants – G-pitch and C-pitch covering nine semi-tones.

More details about this Mrudanga can be found by clicking on the following link:

II] Compmusic Project:

CompMusic is a research project funded by the European Research Council and coordinated by Xavier Serra from the Music Technology Group of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (Spain). It aims to advance in the automatic description of music by emphasizing cultural specificity. It carries research within the field of music information processing with a domain knowledge approach. The project focuses on five music traditions of the world: Hindustani (North India), Carnatic (South India), Turkish-makam (Turkey), Arab-Andalusian (Maghreb), and Beijing Opera (China).

The following link gives more information about CompMusic:

III] National Seminar on Music Notation:

A National Seminar on Music Notation was conducted by the Department of Indian Music, University of Madras, Chennai on the 24th of February, 2016 at the University premises.

The speakers were:

  • R S Jayalakshmi – Subbarama Dikshitar’s signs
  • K G Vijayakrishnan – Rangaramanuja Ayyangar’s notation
  • Sriram Parasuram – T Viswanathan and further
  • Akella Mallikarjuna Sharma – Self-designed ‘Kampitas and Gamakas’
  • Ramesh Vinayagam – Self-designed ‘Gamaka Box’
  • S Srikumar –

The video recording of the seminar can be watched by clicking on the following link:

IV] e-PG Pathshala project:

This is a project initiated by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India under its National Mission on Education through ICT (NME-ICT) executed by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The project involves the development of content at the postgraduate level for 71 subjects. The content includes essays and videos.

The following link can be clicked on to view the modules under ‘Indian Music’ developed as part of this project:

Information about Publications:

The following publications deal with computational musicology in Indian Music:

i) ‘The Doctrine of Shruti in Indian Music’ by Dr. Vinod Vidwans, Professor and Chair, School of Fine and Performing Arts, FLAME University, Pune, India.

This monograph is dedicated to the single topic of `shruti’ (microtone) in Indian music. Although it does not discuss the concept of shruti from evolutionary point of view and historical perspective in strict sense, it does not shy away from it either. Focus is more on conceptual understanding of all the relevant issues related to shruti and their significance and relevance in today’s context while historicity is secondary.

This monograph can be downloaded from:

ii) Computational Musicology in Indian Music by Chakraborty, S., Mazzola, G., Tewari, S., Patra, M.

The book opens with a short introduction to Indian music, in particular classical Hindustani music, followed by a chapter on the role of statistics in computational musicology. The authors then show how to analyze musical structure using Rubato, the music software package for statistical analysis, in particular addressing modeling, melodic similarity and lengths, and entropy analysis; they then show how to analyze musical performance. Finally, they explain how the concept of seminatural composition can help a music composer to obtain the opening line of a raga-based song using Monte Carlo simulation.

The book will be of interest to musicians and musicologists, particularly those engaged with Indian music. This book can be previewed and purchased from

Arati Rao, Vidya Jayaraman and N. Ramanathan


Music Research Newsletter 36

Music Research News Letter -36



Updates to the website The new additions to this website since 09-Dec-2014 can be viewed in the homepage of the website 

Updates to the website (MRL)

Following are the highlights of other new additions in MRL in September 2015 – January 2016:

A] Journals and Magazines (Periodicals): Issues of the following periodicals have been uploaded:

  • Dhrupad Annual
  • Gunagrahi
  • Iyalicai
  • Nadarcana
  • Phoenix

B] Dissertation Lists: Details of M.Phil and Ph.D. Dissertations pertaining to Madurai Kamaraj University, Kerala University, Calicut University and Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visva Vidyalayam have been uploaded to the website under ‘Dissertations’. These can be viewed by clicking on the link:

We wish to gratefully acknowledge the help given by Dr. Jalaja Varma, Head, Department of Music, Calicut University, Dr. Rukmani Krishnan, Lecturer, Sathguru Sangeetha Vidyalayam, Madurai, Mrs. Mohana Sharma, Research Scholar , Sathguru Sangeetha Vidyalayam, Madurai and Dr. R.N. Saileswari, Asst. Professor, Department of Music, Sri Padmavati Mahila University, Tirupati in collating and providing the lists for upload to the website. 

Scholars interested in sharing their Ph.D or M.Phil Dissertations or Dissertation Lists of their institutions through the website are welcome to send the soft copies of the same or link of their website to 

C] Books:

I] The following books in English have been uploaded:

  • BkE-AkellaMallikarjunaSarma-Indian-Genius-tAla-prastAra-2001-0151
  • BkE-AkellaMallikarjunaSarma-Systematisation-Prastara-Details-Deshi-Talas-2003-0152

We are very grateful to Sri Akella Mallikarjuna Sarma for making available the above books for upload.

  • BkE-SathyanarayanaR-ed-Historiography-Indian-Arts-Music-Dance-1997-0160

II] The following books in Kannada have been uploaded:

  • BkKn-Lalitangi-purandaramaNimAlA-0019
  • BkKnDng-Compositions-Mysore-SadasivaRao-KalabhivardaniSabha-1954-0046

III] The following book in Samskritam has been uploaded:


D] Manuscripts:

I] The following manuscripts pertaining to Source Texts have been uploaded:

  • MssGr-svaratALa-lakshaNam-PLx-OMLKU-2182-0032
  • MssTe-tAladaSa-prANAlu-GOML-D12990-0033

II] The following manuscripts pertaining to Songs have been uploaded:

  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-F1-GOML-0031a
  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-F1-GOML-0031b
  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-F1-GOML-0031c
  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-F1-GOML-0031d
  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-F1-GOML-0031e
  • MssTe-vAlAjApETTai-Notn-TOC-GOML-0031
  • MssTm-MusicalCompositionsOfMaduraiTSrinivasan-0024

E] Source Texts:

The following Source Texts have been uploaded:

  • TxtSkt-nrtyaratnakOSa-Kumbhakarna-pt1-1957-Rajsthn-0099
  • TxtSkt-nrtyaratnakOSa-Kumbhakarna-pt2-1968-Rajsthn-0099a
  • TxtSkt-pAThyaratnakOSa-sangItarAja-Kumbhakarna-1968-0100
  • TxtSkt-sangIta-darpaNa-Damodara-TMSSML-1952-0101
  • TxtSkt-sangItaratnAkara-AnandAsrama-1942-vol1-0105
  • TxtSkt-sangItaratnAkara-AnandAsrama-1942-vol2-0105a

Download links:

Following is information about freely downloadable catalogs, books and manuscripts:

A] Namami Digitization Catalog: The digitization catalog of the National Manuscripts Mission (Namami) can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

B] Music Books Download: Some valuable music books can be downloaded from

C] Music Manuscript in egangotri website: Scanned music manuscripts in the egangotri website can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Research News:

A project to re-construct and present a ‘Citra Pūrva Raṅga’ as in Bharata’s Nāṭya Śāstra has been undertaken by Sri Kalamandalam Piyal Bhattacharya. The following links give information about this project:

Book Releases:

1) La Música Clásica De La India

Rāga Saṅgīta en la tradición vocal e instrumental del norte

Jaime R. Pombo


“La música clásica de la India” is the first book in Spanish language about Hindustani classical music. The text provides a comprehensive, documented and deep understanding of this art tradition. Its eight chapters cover the most important aspects of this music: Concept of Sound in Indian Tradition – Raga – Tala – Rasa – Samaya – Gharanas – Main Vocal Genres – Instrumental Music. The book also features high quality photos of the main classical instruments and a eleven pages long Glossary. The foreword for this work has been writen by Agustín Pániker, one of the most renowned indologists in Spanish language.

Publisher: Kairós (November 2015)

Language: Spanish

Pages/Size: 384pp. / 13x20cm

Price: 18€

Order From: Www.Editorialkairos.Com

2) Tellings and Texts: Music, Literature and Performance in North India


Examining materials from early modern and contemporary North India and Pakistan, Tellings and Texts brings together seventeen first-rate papers on the relations between written and oral texts, their performance, and the musical traditions these performances have entailed. The contributions from some of the best scholars in the field cover a wide range of literary genres and social and cultural contexts across the region.

The texts and practices are contextualized in relation to the broader social and political background in which they emerged, showing how religious affiliations, caste dynamics and political concerns played a role in shaping social identities as well as aesthetic sensibilities. By doing so this book sheds light into theoretical issues of more general significance, such as textual versus oral norms; the features of oral performance and improvisation; the role of the text in performance; the aesthetics and social dimension of performance; the significance of space in performance history and important considerations on repertoires of story-telling. The book also contains links to audio files of some of the works discussed in the text.

Tellings and Texts is essential reading for anyone with an interest in South Asian culture and, more generally, in the theory and practice of oral literature, performance and story-telling.

King’s College London has generously contributed to the publication of this volume.

Title: Tellings and Texts: Music, Literature and Performance in North India

Editors: Francesca Orsini and Katherine Butler Schofield

Publication date: October 2015

The book is available for sale on–music–literature-and-performance-in-north-india

Software Programs Pertaining to Music:

1) Software for Tāla Prastāra/Naṣṭa/Uddiṣṭa and Meru tables:

The website hosts two software programs pertaining to Tāla Prastāra/Naṣṭa/Uddiṣṭa and Meru tables (as described in Saṅgītaratnākara) developed by Mr. Venugopal Chari. The links to the two programs are as below: and

2) Software for Tanpura, Metronome etc.:

Music software programs developed by a Sitar Player Sri Dharmabir Singh are available on the following website:

These software programs Tanpura, Swara Lattice, Swara Players etc. are freeware – and can be run on Windows or Mac system.

Review video for above softwares can be found at


Arati Rao, Vidya Jayaraman and N. Ramanathan