Music Research Newsletter 38

Music Research News Letter -38



The following research papers have been uploaded to the website :

Authored by Hema Ramanathan & Ramanathan N

  • Etymological Definitions and Technical Definitions of Musical Terms

Authored by John Clough, Jack Douthett, N.Ramanathan and Lewis Rowell

  • Early Indian Hepatatonic Scales and Recent Diatonic Theory

Authored by Ramanathan N & Priyashri V Rao

  • Mālavikā’s Dance in Mālavikāgnimitram of Kālidāsa

Authored by Ramanathan N

  1. Karnataka and Hindustani Music
  2. Emendations to the GOS text of Nāṭyaśāstra-vol4
  3. Types of Pūrvaraṅga
  4. Interview with Vina Vidvan S Balachander
  5. Musicology in India
  6. Commentaries in the Samskrta Textual Tradition in Music
  7. Sadarāgacandrōdaya of Paṇḍarīkaviṭṭhala
  8. Music Texts: Śāstra and Śāstra-Sampradāya
  9. Lalgudi Jayaraman’s Music- Guided Listening Sessions
  10. Lakṣya and Lakṣaṇa in Music
  11. The Changing Concept of Tāla in North India
  12. Tāla-s in Hindustani Music

Dissertations and Dissertation Lists:

Scholars interested in sharing their Ph.D., M.Phil. Dissertations or Dissertation Lists of their institutions through the website are welcome to send the soft copies of the same or link of their website to

Updates to the website (MRL):

Following are the highlights of other new additions in MRL in January 2016 – July 2016:

A] Articles:

  1. AE-BhandarkarPR-Kudumiyamalai-Inscription-on-music-0257
  2. AE-DavidDennen-Metre-Prosody-Orissi-Music-2013-0258
  3. AE-DavidDennen-NayakAKJ-Shyamamani-Devi-Odissi-Singer-2012-0259
  4. AE-DavidDennen-Odisha-Music-changing-conceptions-2012-0260
  5. AE-DavidDennen-Odissi-Music-Third-Classical-Stream-2012-0261
  6. AE-GerryFarrel-Gramophone-Industry-India-1993-0262
  7. AE-MishraR-Hindustani-Raga-System-2014-0265
  8. AE-Omar-Khokher-North-Indian-Music-in-Classroom-2001-0266.
  9. AE-PadmaSugavanam-Kohala-Jagadekamalla-2010-0267
  10. AE-RameshGangolli-catur-paNDita-bhAtkhaNDE-0270
  11. AE-SamuelMcClelland-rAga-and-rasa-0271
  12. AE-SayantiChakraborty-DeD-Pattern-Classification-Ragas-2012-0272
  13. AE-StephenHughes-Music-Boom-South-India-2002-0273
  14. AE-Varadarangan-Acoustic-Properties-Mridanga-Karunya-0274
  15. AE-Varadarangan-Acoustics-Percussive-Instruments-Karunya-0275
  16. AE-Varadarangan-Frequency-Chart-Music-Karunya-0276
  17. AE-Varadarangan-References-Karunya-0264
  18. AE-Varadarangan-Studies-Loaded-Circular-Membranes-Karunya-0269

B] Bibliography:


C] Books:

Books in English:

  1. BkE-DeviPrasad-Art-Basis-Education-0164
  2. BkE-JosephJordania-Origins-Choral-Singing-Intelligence-Language-Speech-2006-0165
  3. BkE-RanganathHK-KarnatakaTheatre-1960-0168
  4. BkE-Ravi-Sridhar-compld-Sri-Muthuswamy-Dikshitar-0169
  5. BkE-VinodVidwans-Doctrine-Shruti-in-Indian-Music-2016-0171

Books in Telugu:

  1. BkTe-RamanujaDasa-tyAgarAja-kRtulu-1885-0126
  2. BkTeE-tirumala-SilAgItam-and-audio-2014-0119

D] Dissertations:

  • DissE-KatzJB-sangIta-nArAyaNa-Critical-Edition-Commentary-1987-0065

  • DissE-RafaelReina-Karnatic-Rhythmical-Structures-2014-0066

  • DissE-AnnapurnaS-Sankara-Pallaki-Seva-prabandham-Sahaji-011 

E] Manuscripts:

Manuscript related to Source Text:


We are happy to place the following Music notebooks of Vidvan (Late) Kumbhakonam Viswanathan of Umaiyalpuram Sishya-parampara of Tyagaraja.

  1. MssTmGr-KumbhakonamVisvanathan-NoteBook-1-0035a
  2. MssTmGr-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-2-0035b
  3. MssTm-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-3-0035f
  4. MssTm-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-4-0035g
  5. MssTmGr-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-5-pt1-0035c
  6. MssTmGr-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-5-pt2-0035d
  7. MssTmGr-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-6-0035e
  8. MssTm-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-7-0035h
  9. MssTm-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-8-0035i
  10. MssTm-KumbhakonamViswanathan-NoteBook-9-0035j
  11. Mss-Drawing-KumbakonamVisvanathan-UmaiyalpuramSvaminathayyar-0035
  12. MssE-Kumbhakonam-Brothers-Bio-0035k

We are grateful to the members of the families of the famous ‘Kumbhakonam Brothers’, namely, Kumbhakonam Sri Sankaran and Kumbhakonam Sri Viswanathan – Sri S.Venkatraman, Smt.V. Nandhini, Miss. Srivaralaxmi Maya for making available the Music notebooks of the vidvans in their possession and also to Dr. Aravindh Ranganathan for all the help in this regard. The family has been kind enough to share the following too.

  1. Manuscript – MssTe-tAnam-gIta-Kumbhakonam-Vishwanathan-0036
  2. Book – BkTe-RamanujaDasa-tyAgarAja-kRtulu-1885-0126

We are grateful also to Vidvan B.Krishnamurti for sharing his valuable handwritten copy of the Umaiyalpuram pāham of the compositions of Tyagaraja.

  1. MssTm-BKrishnamurti-Tyagaraja-kirtanas-Umaiyalpuram-0034
  2. MssTm-BKrishnamurti-Tyagaraja-kirtanas-Umaiyalpuram-0034a
  3. MssTm-BKrishnamurti-Tyagaraja-kirtanas-Umaiyalpuram-0034b

F] Source Text:

  • TxtSkt-nATyaSastra-withAB-GOS-vol4-1964-0110

Download links:

A] Following are links to freely downloadable books:

  1. Link to a pdf file of Saṅgītaratnākara of Śārṅgadēva –
  2. Link to book on Sadashiva Brahmendra Kritis–

B] Following is a link to rare recordings from the ‘Odeon Record Label recordings from the Indian subcontinent’ Collection of the British Library:

C] Following is the link to a site which is related to Odisa music.

The articles on Odisa music have been placed in the articles section as mentioned above.

We would like to thank Mr. PS Gnanaprakash for providing us many links including that of the site related to Odisa music.

D] Other Music Sites:

i) Following is the link to the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams website with lyrics and audio recordings for Annamācārya Saṅkīrtana-s:

ii) Following is the link to a site which is primarily a collection of audio files containing raga snippets, songs, quizzes and many more, all aimed at demystifying the process of appreciating and understanding Carnatic music:

Queries on South Indian Classical Music:

Any queries on South Indian Classical Music can be sent to These would be answered by Dr. TS Sathyavathi, renowned vocalist and scholar. For more information, please write to . Any queries to will not be entertained.

Request for Proposals: Arts Practice Programme of India Foundation for the Arts:

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) is inviting proposals under its Arts Practice programme for the year 2016-2017.

The Arts Practice programme supports critical practice in the arts. It encourages practitioners working across artistic disciplines to question existing notions through their practice. The programme seeks to establish a culture where arts practice is constantly being shaped and articulated through experimentation, critique and dialogue.

This programme does not follow an annual schedule, and welcomes applications through the year. IFA specifically encourages projects in Indian languages other than English, and Proposals can be sent in any Indian language including English.

For more information, please click on the following link:

Please write to Sumana Chandrashekar at or Shubham Roy Choudhury at for any questions or enquiries. Any queries to will not be entertained.

Information about the Publication: The Archaeology of Bhakti II. Royal Bhakti, Local Bhakti

Author: edited by Emmanuel Francis & Charlotte Schmid

Publisher:Institut Français de Pondichéry / Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient


Pages:ix, 609 p.

Series:Collection Indologie n˚ 132


ISBN:978-81-8470-212-5 (IFP) / 978-2-85539-221-9 (EFEO)

Price:1300 Rs (56 €)

This volume is the fruit of the second workshop-cum-conference on the “Archaeology of Bhakti”, which took place from 31st July to 13th August 2013 in the Pondicherry Centre of the École française d’Extrême-Orient. “Royal Bhakti, Local Bhakti” was the topic of this scholarly encounter and is the central theme of the present volume, which attempts to clarify the roles of kings, local elites and devotional communities in the development of Bhakti.

For more information please click on the link


Arati Rao, Vidya Jayaraman and N. Ramanathan