Music Research Newsletter 39

Music Research News Letter -39 



The following information pertains to research websites:

I] Shodhganga: is the digital repository of Indian Electronic Theses and Dissertations set-up by the INFLIBNET Centre (Information and Library Network Centre) of the University Grants Commission (UGC), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Shodhganga replicates the academic structure of each University in terms of Departments/ Centres/ Colleges. This structure facilitates research scholars from universities to deposit their theses in the respective Department / Centre / College of the website.

The following are examples of theses pertaining to music available in this website:

  1. An analysis of the appropriateness of grouping Tyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshitar and Syama sastri as the trinity of karnatic music by Nirmita Narasimhan:
  2. A Comparative analysis of Music Education with its Implication for Improved Music Education in India by Vasantha L:
  3. An Indepth Study of Sankarabharana and Its Janya Ragas by Venkata Padma Chitti :

II] is a platform for academics to share research papers. The company’s mission is to accelerate the world’s research. Academics use to share their research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research, and track the research of academics they follow. 42,323,028 academics have signed up to, adding 15,349,174 papers and 1,928,330 research interests. attracts over 36 million unique visitors a month.

Research scholars may upload their papers on this website to share their research with scholars around the world for free.

III] Dissertations and Dissertation Lists in

Dissertations and lists of dissertations pertaining to music from various Indian universities have been uploaded on website. The links for downloading these are:

  • Dissertations:
  • Dissertation Lists:

Scholars interested in sharing their Ph.D., M.Phil. Dissertations or Dissertation Lists of their institutions through the website are welcome to send the soft copies of the same or link of their website to  

Updates to the website

The scanned files of notebooks containing notes prepared by Dr. Mrs. Leelavathy G. have been uploaded to the website These notes pertain to books on music in Tamiz at various libraries in Tamilnadu, made during scholar’s fieldwork as part of her research on the subject “Books on Music, in Tamiz, published till 1950).

These notebooks relate to the books at the following libraries:

  1. Tamil Nadu State Archives, Chennai.
  2. Maraimalai Adigal Library, Queen Mary’s College
  3. Sampradaya
  4. The Library at the University of Madras
  5. The Government Oriental Manuscripts Library.
  6. Roja Muthaih Research Library.
  7. Library of Sarasvati Mahal
  8. Library of Tamiz University.
  9. The personal library of scholar TN Ramachandran.
  10. The personal library of scholar TN Ramachandran.
  11. The libraries in Tiruchi, Madurai and Kovai.

Updates to the website (MRL) :

Following are new additions in MRL in August 2016 – October 2016:

A] Articles:

  1. AE-SathyanarayanaR-Art-Experience-IGNCA-0285
  2. AE-SathyanarayanaR-Kathakirtana-1983-0279
  3. AE-SharadaGopalam-A-Look-At-Ragalakshana-Madhura-Kala-0289
  4. AE-IsaacL-Musical-compositions-Source-Study-Music-Musicians-JMU-0286
  5. AE-NarayanaswamiPP-Subbarama-Dikshitar-Sangita-sampradaya-pradarsini-0288
  6. ATm-AnanthasubramaniamTG-SrI-nArAyaNa-tIrthar-TTDmagazine-0015
  7. ATm-AnanthasubramanianTG-icaiyil-iRaivaDivam-TTD-magazine-0018
  8. ATm-AnanthasubramanianTG-tyAgarAjarum-girirAjarum-TTD-magazine-0019
  9. ATm-kuRaLum-icaiyum-1997-0016
  10. ATm-VeerapandianSA-tamizicaiyil-surat-tIrmAnippu-paNNArAycci-arikkai-0017

The following articles are linked via the website

  1. AE-BhashyamS-Kallidaikurichi-A-Anantaraman-A-Ttribute-0317
  2. AE-BhashyamS-Kallidaikurichi-Anantakrishna-Iyer-A-Tribute-0316
  3. AE-HariArthanari-TViswanathan-A-Tribute-0315
  4. AE-Ravi-Sridhar-Tiruppamburam-NatarajaSundaram-Pillai-0312
  5. AE-Ravi-Sridhar-Tiruppamburam-Swaminatha-Pillai-0313
  6. AE-RaviRajagopalan-A-Tribute-to-a-Munificent-benefactor-0294
  7. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Andhali-0309
  8. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Bhaskara-Sethupathi-The-raja-of-Ramanathapuram-0301
  9. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Ghanta-A-raga-from-an-other-era-Oct-2016-0290
  10. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Hindolavasantam-The-sprightly-blossom-from-the-Royal-Gardens-of-Tanjore-0295
  11. AE-RaviRajagopalan-K.V.Ramachandran-Part-I-0306
  12. AE-RaviRajagopalan-K.V.Ramachandran-Part-II-0307
  13. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Madhavamanohari-0308
  14. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Narayanagaula-A-hoary-raga-from-a-distant-past-0291
  15. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Pallavi-Gopala-Iyer-0304
  16. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Pallavi-Gopala-Iyer-Part-II-0305
  17. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Ragachudamani-A-Crest-Jewel-Amongst-Ragas-0293
  18. AE-RaviRajagopalan-sAmajagamana-An-ode-to-a-banished-Tanjavur-King-0292
  19. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Tana-Varna-Margadarshi-Adiyappaiah-0296
  20. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Tarangini-The-Story-of-a-quaint-beauty-0297
  21. AE-RaviRajagopalan-The-mystery-about-Kambhoji-Part-I-0302
  22. AE-RaviRajagopalan-The-mystery-about-Kambhoji-Part-II-0303
  23. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Vamsavati-0310
  24. AE-RaviRajagopalan-Vijayavasantham-Mandari-0311
  25. AE-RaviRajagopalan-YamunaKalyani-A-journey-back-in-time-Part-I-0298
  26. AE-RaviRajagopalan-YamunaKalyani-A-journey-back-in-time-Part-II-0299
  27. AE-RaviRajagopalan-YamunaKalyani-A-journey-back-in-time-Part-III-0300
  28. AE-VidyaJayaraman-B-Rajam-Iyer-Interview—0320
  29. AE-VidyaJayaraman-Dr-V-V-Srivatsa-Interview-0319
  30. AE-VidyaJayaraman-Kallidaikkurichi-Mahadeva-Bhagavatar-Interview-0318
  31. AE-VidyaJayaraman-Kallidaikurichi-Vedanta-Bhagavatar-0314
  32. AE-VidyaJayaraman-PrasadKalyanasundaram-Ananda-Rama-Udupa-Interview-0321

B] Bibliography:

  1. Biblio-Music-Books-0006
  2. Biblio-pratyayas-chandas-sangita-Sources-0004
  3. Biblio-Rabindra-Sangita-0005
  4. Biblio-RaghavanV-Music-Dance-Drama-12nov1964-0007

C] Books:

Books in Bengali:

  1. BkBen-SaurindraMohanThakur-bhAratIya-nATya-rahasya-Drama-1878-0005
  2. BkBen-SaurindraMohanThakur-Victoria-gIti-mAlA-Pt1-1877-0006
  3. BkBen-SaurindraMohanThakur-yantra-kshEtra-dIpika-1879-0007

Books in English:

  1. BkE-DevalKB-Hindu-Musical-Scale-22-Srutis-1910-xrx-0179
  2. BkE-SambamoorthyP-Catalogue-Musical-Instruments-GovtMuseum-Madras-1931-0177
  3. BkE-SrinivasaIyerP-Articles-Carnatic-Music-1937-0178

Books in Tamiz:

  1. BkTm-KrishnamacaryaPt-sangIta-pArijAtam-Trnsltn-xrx-1951-0143
  2. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-karNATa-sangItam-Pt1-1946-0134
  3. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-karNATa-sangItam-Pt2-1946-0135
  4. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-karNATa-sangItam-Pt3-1946-0136
  5. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-karNATa-sangItam-Pt4-0137
  6. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-karNATa-sangItam-v1-No3-0138
  7. BkTm-KuppusvamiSR-nUtana-tamiz-pADalgal-xrx-0139
  8. BkTm-MaralingamS-innicai-amudam-xrx-1990-0140
  9. BkTm-NarasimmaluNaiduSP-sangIta-cAttirattin-carittira-sangraham-xrx-1909-0141
  10. BkTm-RaghavachariamM-sangItAnanda-bodhini-xrx-1934-0142

We are very grateful to Dr. Mrs. G. Leelavathy for permitting us to upload the above Tamiz books onto the website

Books in Telugu:


D] Dissertations:

DissE-AnnapurnaS- Sankara Pallaki Seva prabandham of Sahaji-0011 

E] Manuscripts:

Manuscripts of Source Texts:

  1. MssSkt-bharata-sarvAtha-sAra-sangrahha-GOML-R1668-0038
  2. MssSkt-naTAnkuSa-GOML-3003-0040
  3. MssSktE-Sruti-siddhAnta-HulugurKrshNAcArya-0039
  4. MssTe-bharatArtha-candrikA-GOML-D13009-0041
  5. MssTe-bharatasArasangrahamu-GOML-D2557-0042
  6. MssTe-sakala-bharata-sAra-sangraha-GOML-R3564-0043
  7. MssTe-sangIta-nibandha-Hydbd-archive-24131-S20-1-0044

Manuscripts of Songs:

  1. MssGrTm-Music-Notebook-Unknown-Owner-0037
  2. MssTm-RSJayalakshmi-OMEN-tyagaraja-tamiz-trnscrptn-Xrx-0046
  3. MssTm-RSJayalakshmi-Pallavis-0045

F] Source Texts:

  1. TxtSkt-dattilam-Tvm-1930-0111
  2. TxtSkt-nATyaSAstra-WithAB-GOS-Vol2-1934-0114
  3. TxtSkt-nATyaSAstra-WithAB-GOS-Vol3-1954-0115
  4. TxtSkt-sangItarAja-v1-pAThyaratnakOSa-KunhanRaja-1946-0112
  5. TxtSkt-sangItaratnAkara-v1-trnsltn-KunhanRaja-1945-0113

G] Manuscript Catalog: MssCat-IGNCA-Music-Manuscript-Microfilms-0036

This is a catalog of microfilms containing the copies of manuscripts pertaining to music at the Reprography Unit of Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts – Southern Regional Centre (IGNCA-SRC), Bengaluru. These manuscripts are sourced from various manuscript libraries of India such as TMSSML, Thanjavur and GOML, Chennai.

We would like to convey our gratitude to Dr. Deepti Navaratna, Executive Director, and Mr. K. N. Valsakumar, JRO, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts – Southern Regional Centre, Bengaluru for providing us the above catalog and permitting its upload on the website

Information about Periodicals (Journals and Magazines) in

The Tables of Content for the following periodicals for issues pertaining to the year 2016 have been added in the website:

  1. Ganakala –
  2. Sangita Kalavihara –
  3. Sangita –
  4. Shanmukha –
  5. Sruti –

We wish to remind our readers that scanned images of old issues of the following periodicals can be downloaded from the website (MRL):

  1. Journal of the Tamiz Isai Sangam –
  2. Layamani Layam –
  4. Shanmukha –
  5. Dhrupad Annual –
  6. Gayana Samrajya –
  7. Gunagrahi –
  8. Indian Music Journal –
  9. Iyalicai –
  10. Journal of the National Centre for Performing Arts –
  11. Journal of the Percussive Arts Centre –
  12. Nadarcana –
  13. Paanan –
  14. Phoenix –

We would also like to remind our readers that indexes of articles of the following periodicals are available in the website   –

  1. Samskrita Ranga Journal
  2. Journal of the Indian Musicological Society
  3. Journal of the Sangeet Natak Academy
  4. Shanmukha
  5. Kalakshetra Quarterly
  6. Journal of the National Centre for Performing Arts
  7. Journal of the Indian Musicological Soceity
  8. Journal of the Music Academy of Madras

International Conference on Music and Dance 2017:

Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha (Regd. Trust), Bengaluru is organizing an International Conference on Music and Dance with the theme: : ‘Harmonic and Melodic World Music’ from 24th June 2017 to 28th June 2017. The Sabha has made a Call for Papers announcement.

The topics for the conference are:

  • Musical Forms of Carnatic Music
  • Musical Forms of Hindustani Music
  • Manodharma Forms in Indian Music
  • Western Classical Musical Forms – Vocal, Instrumental and Orchestra
  • Evolution of classical music for Indian Dance Forms
  • Influence of other genres of music on Indian Classical Music
  • Any other topic relevant to the theme of the conference

Authors are advised to submit a two-page (A4 size) extended abstract giving a short and focused title, author’s name(s), affiliations and address for communication with phone numbers/email addresses. The text of the abstract should include a brief introduction, scope, brief details, conclusions and references, if any, neatly typed in 1.5 line spacing.

Last date for the submission of abstract is 31st December 2016. For more information about the conference, please contact the Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha at the following address:

“Purandara Bhavana”, 8th Main Road HAL II stage, Bangalore 560 008

Phone : + 91(80) 25215525



Any queries to in this regard shall not be entertained.

Research Grants from the Endangered Archives programme of the British Library:

The Endangered Archives Programme of the British Library offers a number of grants every year to individual researchers world-wide to locate vulnerable archival collections, to arrange their transfer wherever possible to a suitable local archival home, and to deliver digital copies into the international research domain via the British Library. The 2017 call for applications is now open. The deadline for submitting completed application forms is the 4th November 2016. Please visit  for more information.

Book Release:‘Sunaadam’ – book on Ghatam by Smt. Sukkanya Ramagopal

“Sunaadam: The Vikku Baani of Ghatam Playing” has was released in Bangalore on 25th September 2016. It has been authored by Vidushi Sukkanya Ramgopal, one of India’s top ranking ghatam exponents and the foremost disciple of ghatam wizard Sri Vikku Vinayakram.

Sunaadam is the first ever published textbook for ghatam learning. By capturing the quintessence of a unique playing style that has been perfected by ghatam maestro Sri T H Vikku Vinayakram, this book lucidly explains playing techniques and phrases exclusively for the ghatam. In doing so, it also serves as a valuable documentation of the richness of the Vikku Baani.

The book is written in English with a view to cater to a wide community of ghatam students and players across the world. It contains introductory chapters on the ghatam syllables and playing positions explained very clearly with the help of photographs. There is also a pronunciation and symbols chart along with a chapter on how to use the book. Following this are fundamental lessons in the four major talas – Aditala, Rupaka Tala, Misra Chapu and Khanda Chapu. The book also contains some very significant exercises that ghatam players could practice for speed, fluency and easy articulation. For the benefit of all students, audio references for all the lessons in the book are available on The book has been very tastefully designed by Sri K J Sachidananda, keeping in mind the needs of the users, with adequate space for students to make their own notes.

Sunaadam is a book that will serve as a friend, guide and companion to every student keen on understanding the unique style, nuances and techniques of the Vikku baani of ghatam playing.

“. . . The lessons in this book well capture my fingering techniques and style. Anybody can understand it easily . . . . I do strongly believe that by following this book, students will be able to play with a certain amount of proficiency . . .”

  • From the Foreword by Ghatam maestro Sri T H Vikku Vinayakram


By: Sukkanya Ramgopal

Published by: Sri Vikku Vinayakram School for Ghatam

306, Divya Landmark Apartments, No 9, MSR Main road, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore – 560022

Ph: 080-23607235 / 9845524280

Price: Rs 300/- (parcel charges extra)

For queries regarding the book or to get your copy, please write to

Facebook page:


Arati Rao, Vidya Jayaraman and N. Ramanathan