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Abstract: The research of music in the ancient time are rare but textual studies are rarer still, specially in Buddhist literature. Buddhism is one of the oldest religion has been attracting worldwide attention for many centuries back.Download Link

The book paratacattiram written in Tamil was published in the year 1952 by Karanthai Tamiz Cankam at Karuntitaikudi which is situated near Tanjavur. From the preface, and the nineteenth verse of pAyiram in this book we come to know that the author of…

This thesis estimates the contribution that the musical works in Telugu published during 1850 AD and 1930AD have made to the study of music. Download Link

This dissertation is a study of the compositions of MahaVaidyanatha Iyer with a special focus on the 72 melaragamalikaDownload Link

This is a study that focusses on the prana or element 'graha' in the context of tala. Download Link

In this thesis the triyampavay of the Thais and the tiruvempavai are compared in their historical aspect and musical context.Download Link

This is a dissertation on a Telugu treatise Sangita Sara Sangrahamu attributed to Akalanka / Tiruvenkatakavi.Download Link

Download Link Modeling Gamakas of Carnatic Music as a Synthesizer for Prescriptive Notation A thesis submitted in 2013 for Ph.D. by Srikumar Karaikudi Subramanian to the Department of Communications and New Media, Faculty of Arts and Social…

While Desiraga in Sangitaratnakara is a part of the Marga-Desi classification, in the later period this term comes under the Ghana-Naya-Desya classification of raga-s. This thesis focusses on this later class of Desiraga-s.Download Link

72 Ragangaraga-s in the tradition of Subbarama Dikshitar are the counterparts of the Melakarta-s of another tradition. However these raga-s were sought to be invested with greater melodic potential, which this thesis aims to analyse.Download Link

This project work transcribes into Roman script the notations in Telugu script presented in the book Sangita Sarvartha Sara Sangrahamu of Vina Ramanuja and in the seven books of Taccaru Brothers (Pedda Singaracaryulu and Azhaga Singaracaryulu).…

Dance, Music and Drumming being three disparate arts, this thesis, examines how dance becomes a homogeneous composite art form. Through an analysis of a Varnam, supported by graphic illustration of dance movements, the meeting point between the three…

A presentation of dance or drama is a co-ordinated presentation of different art forms. This thesis examines and analyzes the different aspects of a dance performance in terms of actual dance movements, music, drumming etc., on the historical…

This subject of this dissertation titled 'An Examination of Disputes regarding the Authorship of Musical Compositions with Special Reference to the Compositions of Svati Tirunal' is self explanatory.Download Link

Download LinkThesis of the author, a study of three related manuscripts on music from Kerala and for which she was awarded the M.Phil. degree by the University of Madras

This is the Ph.d. dissertation of Dr. R.S.Jayalakshmi, in Tamizh titled, "subbarAma dIkshitarin sangIta-sampradAya-pradaSini-yil viLakkappattuLLa Gamakangal" (Gamakas explained in Sangita-sampradaya-pradarsini of Subbarama Diksitar’). The work seeks…

Category:Dissertation (English) by Ritha RajanDownload Link

List of PhD Dissertations in Music from Indira Gandhi Open University Download Link

List of PhD, MPhil and MA Dissertations from Jain (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Download Link

List of PhD and MPhil Dissertations from Potti Sriramulu Telugu University Download Link

The Masters Dissertation of Dr. Gayathri Rajapur Kassebaum submitted to the University of Hawaii, Dec 1975 Download Link

'Maisuru Vasudevacariayarin Kritigalil Kanappadum Ragangal: Or Ayvu' is the title of the dissertation that was awarded the Master of Philosophy degree of the Madras University. It analyses the treatment of raga-s in the compositions of Maisuru…
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