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An analysis of musical developments from the 13th to the 20th century.Download Link

An analysis of concepts in Indian MusicDownload Link

An exposition of the concept of rasa by Premlata SharmaDownload Link

Stories of 63 Saivite saints narrated in prose and more than 300 poems translated from Tamiz to HindiDownload Link

A collection of dhrupada songs of Nāyaka BakṣūDownload Link

Essays on the lives and work of 22 eminent musicians of Hindustani Music Download Link

An exposition of tAla-s in Indian MusicDownload Link

Prēma Rasāyana Ēvam Saṅgīta Mīmāṁsā - The alchemy of Love and Wisdom expressed through the life and works of Professor Prem Lata SharmaDownload Link
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