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1. Are the contents downloadable or only available online?

The contents of the library are PDF files which can be downloaded for free. 

2. How do I download a file? 

For dissertations, manuscripts and catalogs, clicking on the catalog entry for an item will lead you to a page with the item details. The details page will contain the PDF links for the item. For books, articles and source texts, each underlined title is a hyperlink that you can click on to open the PDF file. 

3. Why am I not able to download a file?

If after clicking on the hyperlink of an underlined title, you are still unable to download a file, try rightclicking on the link and Save As and save the PDF file. If you get a notification that the file does not exist or is damaged or need further assistance, send an email with the item name and the collection name. 

4.What about copyrights? Do you have copyrights on the material you upload? 

For dissertations, permissions have been obtained from the author. Books and Source texts that have been uploaded are either pre-1950 sources or out-of-print and out-of-copyright sources. Please refer to our take-down policy. If you find a specific item contentious, please let us know.

5.I wish to contribute content to the site. How do I do that?

If you are sure that there are no issues of copyright with the content you wish to contribute , please get in touch with the administrator via the email provided on the About page.

6.Do you have a newsletter? How do I register?

This website was created with the objective of making hard-to-find resources and out of print early publications available for research. The catalog of the website is updated periodically. Please write to mrlibrary dot adm at gmail dot com if you wish to have the catalog sent to you periodically by WhatsApp.